Billy Currington - Let Me Down Easy chords

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I've seen several wrong posts, these are the right chords in the same key as the song.

Capo 3rd fret

Intro: G  C  G  C 

                 G                    Em
There's a little moonlight, dancing on the sand

          G                                            C
There's a warm breeze blowing by the ocean as your taking my hand

             Am                      C
You need to know, where I'm standing now

          C----)      ----)       ----)       ----)        -----)
That I'm right on the edge of giving in to you, baby it's a long way down

     G      D                          C
If I fa------ll, can you let me down easy

     G                   Bm (if your a beginner you can use D here,"easier")
If I leave my heart with you tonight

       C                                     Am                  C
Do you promise that your gonna treat it right, I'm barely hanging on

     F     C                       G       
If I fa----ll, can you let me down easy

*I only did the first part of the song, you can easily figure the rest because the 
chords are exactly the same in the second verse.

*Hope this helps...GREAT SONG, LOVE IT!
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