Billy Currington - Let Me Down Easy chords

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Capo 2nd fret

G                          C
There's a little moonlight dancing on the sand
G                                                              C
There's a warm breeze blowing by the ocean as you're taking my hand
	Bm7       C
You need to know, where I'm standing now

That I'm right on the edge of giving into you
(Pause)               D    (Pause)
Baby, it's a long way down

	G       Bm7     C
If I fall, 	can you let me down easy
G     Bm7                    C                                                       Am
If I leave my heart with you tonight will you promise me that you're gonna treat it right
I'm barely hanging on
     F                 C                    G
If I fall,             will you let me down easy

Intro G C(Slide) x2

G                         C
The scent of your perfume floating in the air
        G                                                C
Looking like an angel laying on a blanket with a halo of hair
          Bm7        C
And those lips, look too good to be true

Once I taste that kiss I know what'll happen
I'll be at the mercy of you


Solo: Em F C D

Chorus +repeat this line
F               C                   G
If I fall 	Can you let me down easy

Intro G C(Slide) x2
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