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Billy Currington - I Got A Feelin tab

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A            D                G
I dont wanna rush this thing
A            D               G
I dont wanna jump the gun
  A            D                            G
I really wanna say those three little words
but im gonna bite my tongue
                   D            G
Yeah im just gonna lay on back  
A           D                G
leave it on cruise control
A        D                   G
im gonna hold it all inside
til the right time comes down the road

            D                 Em
I got a feelin my heads a reelin
                   G                         A
my heart is screamin im about to bust loose
                D                      Em
bottled up emotions its more than a notion
                  G                    A
it start with an I and ends with a you
           Em  A                     D
i got a feelin are you feelin it too
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