Billy Fury - Maybe Tomorrow chords

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Maybe Tomorrow:Billy Fury.
#18 in 1959.


C                    Am
Rise in the mornin', you're not around.
F                   G
Searchin' all over, you can't be found.
C                   Am
And in the evenin', I gaze above..
F                   G             F   G
and ask the stars...the way to my loooove.

F                C
I love you baby, I really care.
F                   D          G  F  G
I need your lovin', so hear my praaaayer.

C               Am
Maybe tomorrow, you'll understand.
F                      G
Then we'll go walkin', hand in hand.
C                   Am
And in the evenin', by the moonlight..
F                      G             F   G
I'll hold you darlin', I'll hold you tiiiight.

G       C      Am F         G     C     Am F
Maybe tomorrow.....there'll be no sorrow.
   G    C     Am F    G    C       Am F
Maybe tomorrow.....maybe tomorrow..
   G    C        F C
Maybe tomorrow........(Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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