Billy Gilman - Everything And More chords

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    D     G           A
You never looked more beautiful
D                    G
    Than you look tonight
        Bm             G
In your eyes I see all I can be
    (G)     D          A
And how you changed my life
         G             D
You held on when I let go
          Bm                 A
Now all I want is to let you know
Your love is like a river
It runs through my heart and soul
Its deep when Im thirsty
And warm when Im cold
And when I feel forgotten
I come runnin to your shore
         G                            A
And find peace of mind time after time
You give me everything and more
Verse 2  (Same Chords)
When tomorrow comes
I can face the mornin'
In a different light
You can change your mind
A thousand times
Nothin' will ever chang mine

             Bm   G                  A
The sun will rise and the light will shine
   D               G             A
Oh everything will be alright oh yes it will

Chorus  (repeat last line with slightly different chords)
D               G    A 
    You give me everythi-----ng
    Dsus4          D
And mo-------------re

I know the actual song doesnt do the Dsus4 to D thing, but that always ends a 
ballad like this well and people will think its cool, they do when I play it, so I 
hope you enjoy it.
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