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Billy Pilgrim - Sweet Louisiana Sound tab

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Hello, I'm form Valdemorillo, nerar Madrid, Spain and this is my first chords post. As 
English is horrible, I'll try not to write so much.
I think the only difficulty of this song is in your right hand: the rythm, the feel you 
to play it. It's really funny to play. Hope you enjoy it!

Riff: F-F // C-Dm-Dm // 
// Bb-C-C-Bb

F-F         C-Dm-Dm
Lookin' out       from a hotel room
// Bb-C-C // Bb-C-C-Bb //
All alone on a Memphis afternoon, I've been
F-F         C-Dm-Dm
waitin' for      This storm to pass
// Bb-C-C // Bb-C-C-Bb //
Gonna clear a path and you can kiss my ass, goodbye

I walk the streets where Elvis lived
But they ain't never gonna crown the king
And I never felt that broken hearted
I left before things ever got started

F      Bb     C
 They got me on a riverboat driftin' down
F                       Bb     C          F
  Oh muddy water get me out of town
F            Dm    Gm              C-Bb
   To that sweet…     Louisiana sound


F           C-Dm-Dm
 Underneath       a neon light
Bb-F-F // Dm-Dm // Bb-Bb //C-C //
Another ghost down Beal street tonight
Bb            C
  I ain't out   to hurt nobody
        Bb                   C              C-Bb
But I      played my hand I lost all my money
F-F // C-Dm-Dm //
They've got the dogs out after me
// Bb-C-C // Bb-C-C-Bb //
They're diggin' in the trash but there's no scent of me

They got me...


F          C-Dm-Dm
Party boys       out on Bourbon streets
Bb-F-F // Dm-Dm // Bb-Bb //C-C //
Sweepin' them young girls right off of their feet
           Bb                  C
They got   those love tattoos across their heart
              Bb                    C           C-Bb
They've been    matching their vows in Mardi Gras
F                C-Dm-Dm
  Turn the jukebox loud as it can go
Bb-C-C // Bb-C-C-Bb//
     Pack'em inside this our last show
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