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Billy Ray Cyrus - One Last Thrill chords

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Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Title: One Last Thrill
Album: Storm in the Heartland

Intro: A D A E A F# F# F# F# F# F#  E D, E F# E, D E F# E C# D
                 D              D             A              D 

Verse 1:
So I'll be leavin' this house without you 
That's the last thing I thought I'd ever do 
How could we come so far and be so close 
And have such a distant point of view 
I won't stand here and cry over differences 
I won't say things I'll regret 
I'll be on my way with this broken heart
       A               G 
But the memories I'll caress 
Darlin', would you honor this last request 

Let's take one last drive just one last time 
And go up on ol' lovers hill
Let's take one last look at those city lights 
                       D                        A
Like the first time we came up here and learned how to feel 
Let's take one last look at those stars that shine 
    D                 G        
I remember how it was still 
Then let me take one long lasting look at your face 
                A                D   
Give me one last kiss, one last thrill 

Verse 2: 
Then I'd be happy and I'd take you home 
You wouldn't even have to ask me in 
By then I'll be like a stranger baby 
But I'll walk you to the door like a gentleman 
And I'd drive away and I won't be back 
It doesn't matter which way I go 
I'll always be on a one - way street 
Always down a dead - end road 
I will always love you and that's all I know 

Repeat intro notes
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