Billy Talent - Tears Into Wine chords

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Billy Talent
Tears Into Wine
Billy Talent III
2009 Warner Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Capo: 1

Chords used:

Am  -  x02210
F   -  133211
C   -  x35553 or 032010
G   -  355433 or 320003
Dm  -  x57765 or xx0231
E  -  022100
H7  -  x212xx


Am-C-F-C-Dm-C-H7-E x2

Verse 1:
    Am                     C
The gun is loaded when the glass is full
F                         C
   Down the hatch and the trigger's pulled
Dm                  Am             E    F E
   Off the wagon and back onto the stool
  Am                       C
I know that when I stare into your eyes
F                    C
   I can see all the years of lies
Dm                       Am        H7   E
   Ghosts and demons you never exorcised

Refrain 1:
All the friends that
I've ever known
Are the streetlamps
I follow home
        F      G
And I'm in the crowd
        C    Dm(Hold)
but I'm all alone
   C      E
Oh Lord I just can't

Am                         C
   Tear the moon from the stars tonight
F                      C
   Twist my arm like a knife tonight
Dm                        Am
   And if you wanna leave that's alright
     E                     F         Dm
Well I'll just turn these tears into wine

Post Chorus:

Am-C-F-C-Dm-C-H7-E x2

Verse 2:
His fate was written
on a neon sign
F              C
   A DUI never changed his mind
   He got hooked like a
Am               E    F E
fish caught on a line
You never gave yourself
a chance to shine
   Your destination's
a chalk outline
   And when you get to the
C                 H7  E
gates you'll be denied

(Repeat Refrain 1)

(Repeat Chorus 1 twice)

Chords while the solo:



F--Am-- x2

Refrain 2:
        F                           Am
All the friends that I've ever known
         F                       Am
Are the streetlamps I follow home
    F          Am
The tide keeps pulling me down
  F      Am
I try to reach higher ground
     F  G   C           Dm(hold)
I'll ne-ver give up and drown
     C        E
Even though I just can't

(Repeat Chorus twice)



Am  C
    Tears into wine
F   C              Dm  C
    Tears into wine
Well I'll just
     F                Dm  Am(hold)
turn these tears into wine
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