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Billy Talent - Show Me The Way chords

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Here is the correct way of playing the song show me the way off of billy talents 
album dead silence

Billy talent uses drop d tuning for all of their songs and for show me the way all 
it is is four drop d bar chords for the whole song

D.    12,12,12,0,0,0  A 7,7,7,0,0,0. C 10,10,10,0,0,0. E 2,2,2,0,0,0 


D A C E (same strumming for the verses)

D.                   A.                  C.                E
Put me on an aeroplane a million miles away

(Play this verse x4)

                          D.                        A
Show me the way show me the way

                     C.                               E
Why do my dreams keep slipping away

Play this x2 and then play the verse and then verse and then chorus x2


In this you will be using a b chord that looks like this 9,9,9,0,0,0 and also the low d which is

          B.                                 D.                                          B.  D
The waves came crashing down so fast that when the storm was over the sky turned black

Play that twice and then the chorus x3 and end on D
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