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Birdengine - I Dancing Bear tab

Standard Tuning

Not sure on the lyrics, so pardon my poor hearing on the lyrics front

Eb/Bb - 665040
G#m - 4665xx
E - 0221xx
C#m/G# - xx6654
G# - x6654x
B7 - x21202
A - x7765x

pt = picked through

Intro (Eb/Bb)


Strumming pattern Down-Up-Up Down-Up-UP x2 (V^^ V^^)

There are some
Some Things
       G#m                  E
That I just do not care to know
     G#m   E
In a suit-case
       G#m                E
Buried deep with endless notes
       G#m (pt)         E (pt)
I'm an animal in their shows
      Eb/Bb     G#m
Where By   And I, I die
     Eb/Bb G#m
With arms, I eyes
C#m/G#               Eb/Bb
Well I must look the eyes

Eb/Bb (pt)
ooooooo oooooh

  G# B7  E        A             (pt)
I tred   up, yeah up
   G#  B7    E      A           (pt)
So leave not I, Not I, nooot

Eb/Bb (pt)
ooooooo oooooh

G#m     C#m/G#         Eb/Bb        (pt)
   So I knew you, well only you
              G#m        C#m/G#   Eb/Bb      (pt)
And I dancing bear how I cut your hair oooh

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