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Birdie Hilltop - Zoe Zoe chords

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This is my favorite song and I'm not sure if anyone will
even view this tab but I'm putting it out there anyway. 
Listen to the song for timing, it's not terribly difficult.

Capo 1: 

Intro: C, G, Am, E, F, Am, C, G (x2, second time hold the G for longer)

Verse 1:

E, F, Am, C, G 
(C, G, Am, E) Zoe Zoe, I've got good news. You've been ac-
(F, Am, C, G) -cepted to a school, where the kids go when they're cool. 

Verse 2:

(C, G, Am, E) Lazy Daisy, I can't explain. How bad I 
(F, Am, C, G) feel when you're away, and I guess I'll be this way. (hold the G for longer here)

Verse 3:
(C, G, Am, E) For a fortnight, times twenty two and until it's over, I'll be 
(F, Am, C, G) struggling not to have A breakdown everyday. I might be

Bridge 1: 

(Am, E, F) stupid but I'm not...insane
(C, F, C, F, C)
(G) Oh shit!

Verse 4: 

(C, G, Am, E) Holy moly! It's all in vain. I'm stuck in 
(F, Am, C, G) the US of A, and you're oh so far away. 

Verse 5: 

(C, G, Am, E) Holy lonely, I think I'm through. I'm giving
(F, Am, C, G) up looking for you, in the closet of my room. (hold G here)

Verse 6:

(C, G Am, E) It might sound crazy, but I know it's true: I might be alone but I still got
(F, Am, C, G) you. Practicing, somersaults inside my mind. I might be 

Bridge 2:

(Am, E, F) gentle, but I'm not....kind.
(slowing down) (C, F, C, F, C, G)

Outro chords (slower): 
Am, E, F, C, E, Am, E, F, C, G, Am, E, Am
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