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Birdie Hilltop - Tea chords

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I doubt this tab will be viewed much because not many people listen to Birdie Hilltop...
but I love this song and hopefully someone will get some usage out of my laying it out.
I was going to include the chords along with the words to help with timing
but UG's tab and chord creator really suck and make it difficult so just listen to 
the song for timing.

Intro and verse chords: G, D, C, Am
Bridge chords: Em, C, G, D, Em, C, G, C


I might be lonely but I think I'll stay inside my room all fuckin' day
I don't mind....being sad sometimes 
I might be stuck between my bedsheets now, I wonder in just how the hell,

I got to this town......I wanna leave it.


And as I'm walkin' down the road, I remember what it's be cold
And it's so sad, I need someone to hold my hand....yeah

(ohhh oh oh ohh's)

Verse 2:
There might be something wrong with my eyeball, afraid to say it's gonna fall out

The doctors don't....have any bright ideas.
I might be achin' but I'm tellin' you, the only time I don't feel blue
I'm staring at....the cinema screen.

Bridge 2:

And as I'm sittin' in my room, drinking tea until the after....noon
It is quite clear, I'm gonna be around...for half....a year.

Verse chords, followed by an end on G. 
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