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Bishop Allen - Abe Lincoln tab

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The reason I wrote the chords for this song (My first tab ever) is because I can't even 
the lyrics on the internet.
If anyone else knows this song and the lyrics please email me at 
any corrections.
Trying to find these lyrics was like writing a history report on presidential assassinations.

I play this on acoustic to woo the political science ladies.

Verse 1:

C            G
Abe lincoln, God Bless him,
C               G
Did his best to end depression
C             G
Good thinker, Smart Talker
F              Em
Very Tall man, Very Fast Walker
F        G
Oh lord, What a shame
C                F
Got shot down by his three right men
C        G                 C  F  G
Oh lord, Where are you now?

Verse 2:
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C    G
RFK, God bless him,
C               G
Did his best to end depression
C        G
Oh yeah, his brother too
F                     Em
Their hearts was big, though their blood was blue
F        G
Oh lord, what a shame
C              F
Sirhan Sirhan, Had such good aim
C              F
Got shot down by his three right name
C             G                 C  F  G
Kennedy Boys, where are you now?

Bridge: (Only hit the octaves of notes, with 1 1/8th rest in between each 1/8th note)

In heaven,
In heaven,
In heaven,
C                    C  G  C
You're in heaven now

Same progression as bridge (I think it's a harmonica)
I just solo in the key of C, something mellow

Verse 3:
C       G
M L K , God bless him
C          G
Malcolm X, God bless him
C               G
Mahatma Gandhi, God Bless him
F            Em
John Lesson, God bless him
F        G
Oh lord, what a shame,
C                      F
Got gunned down at the height of their fame
C                 G                  C  F  G
We need you boys, where are you now?

C              G
Ronald Reagan, why oh why?
F                             C
How did he manage to slide on by?

Order of parts:
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
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