Bitter Sweet Alley - I Cant Find The Words chords

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Intro : Bm - G - D - A

Bm          G         A 
I speak my mind everyday
  Bm            G          A 
i talk 'till i get my own way
    Bm          G           A 
but all of the words that i use
Bm             G                D          A
can't help me get through the youth(?)

Pre-Chorus :
Bm           G           D              A                                                  
  You want me to tell you what's on my mind
Bm           G             D            A   C#
  it's no use i've tried to time after time

Chorus :

I wanna show my feelings for you 
i can't find the words to tell you
after all the time i've known you 
i can't find the words to tell you

Bm         G                 A 
i lose my nerve when you're near
Bm           G            A
why can't i make myself clear
Bm             G     A
i never felt this before
Bm                G        D     A
i can't find the words anymore



Bm             G         A 
You find the truth in my eyes
 Bm         G      A
then maybe you realize
 Bm              G                A
there's nothing more words could say
     Bm         G              D     A
you stay only guest(?) in the way


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