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Bjork - New World chords

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New World - Björk

1st Verse:
D                   [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
  Train-whistles, a sweet clementine
D              [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
  Blueberries, dancers in line
D7           G/D
  Cobwebs, a bakery sign
  Dmaj7    D7
  Ooh, a sweet clementine
  Dmaj7    G/D             Dmaj7
  Ooh,   dancers in line, ooh

     Bm         E5
  If living is seeing
      Gmaj7        E5
  I'm holding my breath
     Bm        E5
  In wonder I wonder
  Gmaj7          E5
  What happens next?
    Bm            E5          
  A new world, a new day to...
  D   [ch]Gm/D[/ch]   D  [ch]Gm/D[/ch]  D7  G/D G

2nd Verse:
D            [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
  I'm softly walking on air
D            [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
  Halfway to heaven from here
D7            G/D
  Sunlight unfolds in my hair
  Dmaj7      D7
  Ooh, I'm walking on air
  Dmaj7     G/D              Dmaj7
  Ooh, to heaven from here, ooh
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