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Bjork - Hyperballad tab

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   / Björk          /  I think this song is about this very self-destructive
  / Hyper-Ballad   /  girl who has to deal with lots of problems in her life.
 / Post           /  She plays with the thought of committing suicide, and the
/________________/  only thing that keeps her safe (from herself) is her boy
                   friend, quite sad, but it always me in a calm, happy mood.

| Eb | Bb/d | Cm |   >4x

| Eb | Bb/d | Cm |   >8x  ...then pause for 4 bars

| Eb | F | Gm | F   |   \
| Eb | F | Gm | F/a |   /

| Eb | Bb/d | Cm |   >2x

similar to previous

repeat the chorus for the rest of the song

the easiest way to play them would be to put on a capo on the 3rd fret:

 (intro/verse)         (chorus)
    Eb   Bb/d   Cm        Eb    F     Gm   F/a
 ---0----------------  ---0-----2-----0-----2---
 ---1-----3-----1----  ---1-----3-----0-----3---
 ---0-----0-----2----  ---0-----2-----0-----2---
 ---2-----0-----2----  ---2-----0-----2-----0---
 ---3-----2-----0----  ---3-----------2-----0---
 --------------------  ---------------0-----2---

- 9th /April /07
Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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