Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love tab

Hey guys, here's my version of "Where is the Love?" by "Black Eyed Peas"
from their album "Elephunk". This tab focuses mostly on the fingering and notes
and not very much on the timing, which you can get from the actual song.
Hope it'll help you out.

This is my first tab, so any constructive critiques are welcome, also remember to rate 
comment :)

Guitar intro:

              F                           C
            Dm                            Bb

NOTE: The C and the Dm chords should be played using the thumb-over-bar chord method.
Atleast that's what I the easiest.

Verse and chorus:

The verse and chorus chord progression are the same as the one used in the intro:

| F | C | Dm | Bb |

The most emphasized instrument during the verse and chorus is the bass, which goes like:

       F            C            Dm           Bb
|8---------8-|7-------7-8-|5-------7-8-|------------| And back to the F again

NOTE: That during the C-chord, the bass is playing an E which is the 3rd tone in the C-major
scale, so when you're playing the song on solo guitar you can play a reverse C chord 
Jimmy Hendrix:


When you incorporate the bass line in your chord progression it should look something 

       F            C            Dm           Bb
|8--x------8-|7--x----7-8-|5--x----7-8-|------------| And back to the F again

Chorus right before solo:

The last round of chorus chords are different from the original chord progression 
wanted to build up tension for the solo to climax and should definitely be noted if you 
play the song exactly as on the album. The chords go like this instead:


| F | C | Dm | Bb |


| F | Gm | Am | Bb |

Keyboard solo:



And that's basically it. The bass line is replaced temporarily by a cello part right 
the solo
during's verse and again from 4:05 till the end of the song which I haven't included.
But apart from that it should all be here :)
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