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Black Label Society - Foever Down tab

Tuning D A d g b e
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*=pinch harmonic  p=pull off h= hammer on
__=slide  ~=vibroto //=repeat
           Intro/Chorus           (this sounds close enough do what you want)
b -------------------------------/------------------------------------------|
g -------------------------------/------------------------------------------|
d -------------------------------/------------------------------------------|
a -------------0-5p3h5------3-5--/------------------------------------------|
D --0-0--5p3h5*------------5-5---/----3-00-3-00---6*5*----3-00-3-00--___6~--|

  Solo (Im doing it from memory so the fingering might be wrong, and I only
had time to figure out the intro part of the solo so do what ever you want
for the rest like some penitonic/diatomic stuff)
e ---5h8h10-----7h10h12-----9h12h14-//----------------------------------------|
b ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
g ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
d ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
a ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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