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Black Lips - Transcendental Light tab

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Intro: G D G C

(There is a particular 'Sweet Jane'-esque rhythm to this song so it's best to listen to it first.)
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          G     D G C
I've seen death
                   G    D G C
I looked it in the eyes
            G       D G C
God has forsaken me
                      G   D G C
Now it's your time to die
             G          D G C
It's time to gather now
             G    D G C
To sing in a song
                   G        D G C
Your pleas won't inhibit me
                   G    D G C G
And soon you'll be gone  

Burning sensation

D                 G
Come on home with me

Sunday morning

Fearful warning
D                        G
Never meant that much to me

Death is like birth
And then you'll fly
A new beginning
Let's give it a try
Effervescent children
Let's hold my hand
The sun shines bright
To the promise land

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