Black Lips - It Feels Alright chords

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I just noticed the tab already on here was wrong so i wrote this one up, listen to 
the song for rhythm
This website kind of messes up the spacing but the chords are correct
Sounds best in bar chords

A           G          F           
Bad luck it could happen twice
       G         A                G          C             D
you better check your past, make sure you been nice
          A        G  F
if you, ask me for advice
G                A                     G                 C           D
i would say "stop and think before you roll the dice"
         A               G                F
yeah, bring that rabbits foot along with you
G                A                     G          C                         D
Double Up, a four leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe
               A             G                           F
you better avoid them black cats and them ladders too
       G             A                 G       C                 D
and don't you step on a crack because you know what it do

A                    D         A  
my head is spinning, it feels alright
     A                 D              A
i've got a clean shirt and my shoes are nice
     A                  D            A
peach tree and fig is the jump off tonight
        A             D        A
and magic city titties is looking alright

Tablature By: Austin Wiseman
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