Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - I Told You chords

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Tabbed by: Jeremy

D Dm C G

   D         Dm
Im losing my vision
     C               G
this heartache seems endless
    D         Dm
To know you I fell through
     C           G
now where can I find you
   du  du
  Dm   C  C             G
I know I  may never've known you
  Dm   C  C          G          D       
I fear I  may never know you
  D          Dm
I may not be ready
   C              G
be patient, hold steady
   D               Dm          
My heart waits for no one
     C            G
it's your but for your love 
  D            Dm       
I gave them my answer 
  C              G
I wait for your answers
  D               Dm          C               G
I thought I heard something I thought I heard someone
   Dm     C   C           G
to know I may never have known you
  Dm   C  C         G         D  F#
I know I, may never know you 
G           A  
 I told you   I told you so
D           F#
 I told you   I told you ohhh
G           A
 I told you   I told you

D Dm C G
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