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Blackfield - Miss You tab

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Blackfield - Miss U 
(tabbed by TheMiracle)

This is my acoustic version.I suggest you to listen to song and play a couple of 
times , to get the exact timing. Chords seems correct to me. I played with the 
song, all seems ok. 

A#/5     : 558756
Am       : 577555
Gm       : 355333
Dm/A#    : x13231
Am/F     : xx3210
Fadd9    : xx3213
Am       : x02210
Am7      : x02213

(play 2 times)

Strum  Dm/A#                       

                          Am/F Fadd9 Am/F
They've said your in love again
               Am Am7 Am
And I tried to hide my pain
I was buried in my bed
          F                Dm Dm/A#
With your pictures in my head

                        Am/F Fadd9 Am/F
Your were living another life
                  Am Am7 Am
It cuts me like a knife
I hope u understand
             F              G
I'm the one who's left behind

A#/5                             Am
Tomorrow you'll be gone and I'll miss U
          Gm                Am
Yeah I'll miss u' yeah I'll miss U

Rest is same, hope you enjoy. Keep rocking! Cheers!

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