Blackfield - Waving chords

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Great song from Blackfields third album; Welcome to my DNA. Also very easy to play, enjoy :-)

Standard tuning. 

Intro: F, G x2

F           G
Turn up the noise
                     F             G
Let's see if you can maintain your poise
F           G
Edge out the door
                   F               G
And feel it if you swim back to the shore

F, G x2

Chorus (two times): 

F      G
I do believe
                    F                 G
I'm clinging to the warm bleed in the trees 

(I wave and I turn off the light)

Your dress may be torn but you wear it well
All this and more may be in your spell
Four letter word but it isn't real
All this speed inside you
A sneer on the edge of your sanity
Your bludgeon the soud like it's unappealing
Pouring your scorn on all pride and joy
All this fear inside you 

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