Blackfield - Welcome To My Dna chords

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Blackfield - DNA - Welcome to my DNA
Standard tuning, no capo required.

Intro: Fm, D#, C#

D#        C#    Fm
Welcome to my DNA
D#           C#      G#           D#
Stupidly you want to stay with my DNA

You cannot fix what you get
Thing that I try to forget in my DNA


A#m          C     A#m                  C   
Can you forgive me for things that I've said?
A#m              Fm
Things that I've done?
C                     Fm
Go now and never come back

We all got expiry dates
Trust me there's no get away from my DNA

Wires of sadness and pain
Always remaining the same, my DNA

Disarmed by the music, there's bombs in my head
You'll always get burned
Go now and never come back

During melody: Fm, D#, C#, C x2

My deadly venom, soon I'll be dead
Go now my love
Go now and never come back 
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