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Blackmores Night - Call It Love tab

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Intro: B    D#m    E    B  F#  B

I’m standing here
Watching the waves break on the sand
Holding your hand
And wondering if there was a time
When I felt more comfortable
I could conquer the world
      B         F#  
With you by my side

We’ve gone down
So many lonely roads
Searched for what we’d known was
Right around the corner and I knew
From the time I saw your face
From our first embrace
That you were the one…

          E       F#
We could call it luck 
          B   /Bb G#m               // You may play D#m/Bb instead of B/Bb
We could call it fate
          E       F#        B
We could call it heart’s desire
          E          F#
We could call it a dream
       B           /Bb   G#m   B/F# E
Even though we’re wide awake
 B          F#      B
Let’s Just Call It Love

I feel like
I’ve known you my whole life
That every day and night
Was made just for us
I don’t know what I ever did before
You walked through my door
And changed my whole life…
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