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Blackstreet - Before I Let You Go chords

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Capo this @2 or 3
Verse and Chorus same:
C - Bm7 - Am7

Pre-chorus is tricky. 
I think it's:
F#m7 - Bm7 (3 times)
then Am7 - and hold A B
then right into chorus:
C - Bm7 - Am7

You know the words so need to provide.
Have fun!
Btw the No Diggity tab with all the stars is right on
and so fun to play. Give that a go if you're on here.
And if anybody has the knowledge, please post some
Guy tabs. There's like none on here - I searched.
Particularly I'd love to see "Let's Chill" - that'd be dope!
Anything Teddy Riley touches is very good, really.
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