Bleach - Hearbeat tab

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Hey, guys! Just thought I'd type this up for all those Bleach-lovin', God-worshippin' 
and dudets otu there. Hope you like. I'm not entirely sure if the ending to the chorus is 
right. If needed, please correct. -judd harris.

Intro:G, Bm, C  2xs
Verse1: G                                  C
        It's been a long, long time since
        Since I've spent some time with you
        I'm seeing lonely moments

        Seeing lonely truths
        Em                  C
        A distant tone has come to me
        G                          C
        And now I find I'm missing
        That old familiar tune
        A song your heart has played me

        A rhythm I once knew
Prechorus:    Em          C
          So lay me down at your feet
              Em                        C
          And sing the words that you know I need
Chorus:         G                       C
        'Cause I'm here I want to here your heartbeat
         Please put your love around me
         And just let me know
         That your here
         Now I'm an arms reach from you
                                  G     Bm      C
         From the lover of my soul
Verse 2: G                             C
         And so I'll fight the current
         I'll fight the undertow
         Help me swim away from

         Where my weakness grows

Chorus( end on G after C)
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