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Blessid Union Of Souls - Jelly tab

Blessid Union of Souls

Em C G D  2X

Em                      C
I saw our future in her eyes 
G                              D
We searched for love amidst the lies 
I didn't mean to draw her in 
To a fight we'll never win 
And I sigh as... 

Chorus 2X
G 			     Em7
She becomes like jelly in my hands 
jelly in my hands
jelly in my hands

She told me things I never heard 
And I just drank her every word 
We swallow all that love can give 
Cause love's the reason that we live 
And I cry as... 

Chorus 2X
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We crossed our T's with gazing eyes 
We knew it all was finalized 
Built this love on sinking sand 
And I'm ashamed that I'm afraid to lend a hand as... 

Chorus 3X

G Em7 D C

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      __	    aaa      ccc
     |_)|              a    c   c
    /  /            aaaa    c    
   |_ |      	   a   a    c   c
  / | \            aaaaa     ccc h
 |  *  |>  w       w     t       h
  \ _\/    w   w   w    ttt      hhh
   |. |     w w w w      t       h  h
  /. /       w   w        tt     h  h
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