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Blink 182 - Grandpa tab

Band: Blink 182
Song: Grandpa is an Asshole
Album: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
I'd strongly recommend finger picking, otherwise it'll sound like ass.

e |---------------------------------------------|
B |---7----5----7----5------3~--3/5-------------|
G |o----7----7----7----7-------------6---6h7---o|
D |o-------------------------------------------o|
A |---5~---5~---5~---5~-------------------------|
E |------------------------ 3~--3/5--5~---------|
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e |---------------------------------------------|
B |---3----3----3----3-----3----3----3----3-----|
G |o----2----2----2----2-----2----2----2----2--o|
D |o-------------------------------------------o|
A |------------------------0----0----0----0-----|
E |---3----3----3----3--------------------------|

e |---------------------------------------------|----------------------|
B |---------------------------------------------|----------------------|
G |---6----6----6----6-----6~-------------------|---7~-----------------|
D |-----7----7----7----7------------------------|----------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------|----------------------|
E |---5----5----5----5-----5~-------------------|---5~-----------------|
						 This chord is played at
						 the end of the song.

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