Blink 182 - Enthused chords

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Blink 182
Dude Ranch
1997 MCA Records
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Key: D

Tuning: Stadnard EADGBe

Chords used:
D -   xx0232
A -   x02220
Bm -  x24432
G -   320033
Em7 - 022030

Intro: D--A--Bm-A-G x2

Beat changes from slow to fast
D--Bm--A--G-A x2, D-Em7-G-A x2

Verse 1:
D     A         G
  Am I strungout crazy 
or not allowed
D           A
  To be the one who 
      G          A
gets stupid over you
D       Em7             G
  Lazy (lazy) laidback (laidback)
      A              D
maybe you're just on crack
Why am I the one who gets 
G             A         
fucked up and confused GO!

Interlude: D-Bm-A-G- x4
D-Em7-G-A x2

Verse 2:
D             Em7
  She doesn't care at all
G             A
  She doesn't care at all
D             Em7
  She doesn't care about those 
G              A
times we never shared at all

Interlude: D-Bm-A-G- x4

Verse 3:
D      Bm
  If I were the last
A                G
  Of the few who always ask
  Would you still be the 
Bm                 A   G
same person that I knew
D             Bm
  And if it's for me
  Another boring story
D              Bm    A     G
  I swear I'll act enthused

Outro: Beat switched back from fast to slow
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