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Blink 182 - Dont chords

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Blink 182
1998 Kung Fu Records
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Key: G then D then A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -    320033
D/F# - 2x023x
Am -   x02210
G/B -  x2x003
C -    x32010
A -    x02220
F#m -  244222
D -    xx0232

Intro: G--D/F#-- x6
G--Am--G/B--C-- x2
G--D/F#-- x4

Verse 1:
G             Am         G/B
  There was a time long ago
       C                 G
But it seemed like yesterday
           Am         G/B C
When all I wanted was you
G             Am
  And now you make the segway
G/B                 C
   As you turn your face away 
G                 Am           G/B  C(hold)
  And I know your words aren't true 

A             F#m       D
  And I don't want your lies 
A             F#m
  And I don't think that 
I'm gonna let you inside 
A         F#m              D
  You can take off your disguise 
A             F#m
  Cause I can see the truth
that's hidden behind your eyes

Interlude: A--D-- x2
G--D/F#-- x4
G--Am--G/B--C-- x2
G--D/F#-- x4

Verse 2:
G               Am
  And all those words 
that you don't say 
Just mean less and 
less each day 
You can't make 
          G/B C
me shed a tear 
G          Am
  I think about tomorrow 
G/B        C
   Another day of sorrow 
G             Am
  But I don't think 
             G/B C(hold)
that I'll be here 

(Repeat Chorus)

A--D-- x2
G--Am--G/B--C-- x2
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