Blink 182 - Cacophony chords

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Blink 182
Cheshire Cat
1994 Grilled Cheese Records
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -    x32010
Am -   x02210
F -    133211
Em -   022000
C/E -  032xxx
G/B -  x2x003
Gsus - 320010
G -    320033


Bass Solo: C/E-Gsus-Am-F- x2

Guitar: C/E-Gsus-Am-F- x4

Distortion: Am--F--Am--Gsus--F-

Guitar: C/E-Gsus-Am-F- x2

Verse 1:
C/E        Gsus         Am    F
  When you talk about tomorrow
C/E       Gsus         Am F
  I'm not sure about today
C/E        Gsus
  when you tell me 
         Am     F
that you love me
C/E       Gsus          Am  F
  what am I supposed to say?

Chorus 1:
Am          F
  Sometimes I don't feel
Am         Gsus   F
  the same way as you feel

Interlude: C/E-Gsus-Am-F- x2

Verse 2:
C/E     Gsus    Am  F
  Words like forever
C/E              Gsus        Am F
  they scare the shit out of me
C/E     Gsus  Am         F
  maybe I'm afraid of commitment
C/E     Gsus
  maybe you're too 
   Am         F
distracted to see that

(Repeat Chorus)

Beat Changes: C--F--C/E--F-G- x2

C            Am
  I think of all the things that I'd 
say to you if I had the chance again
C            Am
  I think of all the things that I'd 
 F    C                 Am
scream but I think it's for the best
  that you and I just don't connect and
C            Am                    F   G/B
  things are never quite what they seem

Interlude: C--F--C/E--F-G- x2

Em           F      C
  Will there ever be someone
to give her heart to me
Em           F              C
  or would I be to blind to see
  Em           F
it  I wouldn't make a sound
C             G
  I'd keep it underground
Em          F
  It always seems like 
I'm running around around
G               G/B
running around around round

Interlude: C--F--C/E--F-G- x4

Chorus 2:
Am          F
  Sometimes I don't feel
Am         Gsus   F       G/B C(hold) 
  the same way as you feel
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