Blitzen Trapper - The Man Who Would Speak True chords

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Song: The Man Who Would Speak True
Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Album: "Destroyer of the Void" [2010]

Tab by Devin Miller

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

**CAPO 7th FRET**


Chord reference (note the chord names are written as if there was
                 no capo, for simplicity):

    Am  D7sus4  D7  Em7   A9   C    G    D  

Am             D7sus4
I had a lover, name was Grace

    D7                 D7sus4
She found me down in a lonely place

Am                     D7sus4
She dug me out with an old jar bow

      D7                 D7sus4
She dressed me up for to take me home

    Am                  D7sus4
She fed me words that I could not taste

      D7                    D7sus4
For I had no tongue, it had been replaced

     Am                    D7sus4
By a green and a-growin' flower which grew

      D7               D7sus4               Am
And I knew if I ever spoke I would speak true


D7sus4     D7     D7sus4


Am                      D7sus4
We lived together in an old hotel

D7                       D7sus4  
Broke-down palace with a wishing well

    Am                       D7sus4
The neighbour girl taught me how to spell

    D7                  D7sus4
And how to steal what I could not sell

      Am                   D7sus4
But I fed my tongue on the devil's rum

      D7                 D7sus4
And a roadhouse run by a godless bum

     Am                   D7sus4
On a drunken night with a stolen gun

  D7                   D7sus4
I shot my lover as she made to run

    Em7              A9
The judge said "Son, what have you done?"

      Em7                       A9
But I didn't speak a word, no I didn't speak one

        C          G      D
And the judge sent me away

         C         G                D7sus4    Am
And they buried my Grace, yeah, the very next day


D7sus4     D7     D7sus4



They sent me out on a midnight train
In the rain rollin' down through the dusty plain
4 men sittin' with an old shotgun
silver stars pinned on everyone
They busted my mouth for to get at my tongue
To see just how this had all begun
So I opened my mouth like a dragon's breath
I only spoke truth, but it only brought death
And I laid those boys to rest
For the truth in truth is a terrible jest

For there ain't no road but the road to home
There ain't no crops but the one's you've sown
And if you learn one thing from me
You better guard your tongue like your enemy

I came to ground in a one horse town
On the western rim where the sun go down
Where a branded man might start again
For to ride his rung, for to lose his sin
But my tongue kept growing, it would not cease
I grew quite weary, couldn't get no release
So I went to the magistrate and turned myself in
Picked up a shovel and he made the grin
And they planted me by the sea
Now the birds of the air make nests on me

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