Blitzen Trapper - Texaco chords

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There aren't enough Blitzen Trapper songs on here (although they're usually pretty
 Texaco is one of my favorites.  And I thought I'd try to figure it out, even though I'm new
guitar.  So this sounded pretty good to me.  I think it's just C G D F repeated 
 I'd love to know if it's something else...

C                             G
    We talked long behind the Texaco today
D                                F
    She took us driving down the road for a ways
           C             G
and it was fine, my valentine
You're in my mind
Let's walk out underneath the treetops

(repeat C G D F...)
You're such a heartache,
You're such a tease
so please believe me

we held hands below the Texaco today
she said words that, yeah I reckon, well, They just won't stay.

So help me help me, I'm possessed and I'm bizarre
Numbers tell the lies when I'm in my, driving my old car
driving my old car

We talked long behind the texaco today
she said she wished, yeah but that she couldn't stay
And it's not right
& it's not wrong.
No, its somewhere in between
the times of yesterday, and tomorrow...
when she'll be gone, my valentine
my lovely valentine will be gone
Singing my old songs
driving my old car
my old valentine.

We talked long behind the texaco today
she took us driving down the road for a ways
and it was fine, yeah
my valentine
you're in my mind
lets walk out underneath the treetops...
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