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Blitzen Trapper - The Tree chords

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          C    C/B   D              G        G/F# C
When your love rains down just like diamonds all around
                C/B  D             G      G/F#    C
Strange and changing sound transformation in the ground
              C/B D               G          G/F#   C
Great and winding tree splits the earth from sea to sea
       G              C           G      C
And my lover comes to me, bids me follow endlessly
       C          C/B       D                 G        G/F#        C
As she laughs and starts to climb through the branches and the vines
            G             C
Through the tangle of our minds
         C        C/B    D            G
For this tree you see it grows, never-ending

Same Pattern as verse 1: 

When your love flows free just the way itís meant to be
All these chains that bind I find I quickly leave behind
And all the earth below seems a thin and fleeting snow

And my father I concede is further up upon the tree
And his beard is made of bees dancing wildly in the leaves
And my lover says to me you must be blind if youíre to see
Must walk behind if youíre to lead
Must be the soil to the seed never-ending
      D                   C                 G         G/F#   C
For I feel the years like distant gears may turn and come to rest
           G               C
Where they dwell within my chest 
       G      C 
Let my spirit coalesce
        D                   C                G          G/F#            C
Yes and death is dressed in colors blessed a mystery I confess I cannot see

Same as Verse 1: 

When your love rains down the sound of singing so profound
Fills the ground so deep like a weeping mothers sleep
As a babyís breath whispers death so none can hear
And I passed the ancient seer
Entering the atmosphere 
In a tree that never ends with my lover and our friends
Entering the black of space
We replace the stars that shine never-ending
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