Bloodhound Gang - Water Fire Burn tab

Where x you have to mute string with your hand, but u don't have to pull strings
/ - Up
\ - Down

Remember that - Tab is only HELP for you. Tab CAN'T Play!

                           Here u change G on Em (through empty strings)
     G ---u hold G----     |   Em

U can also try playing your own version, chords for intro:

   G(blues)    G(classic)     Em
|--2--|     |--2--|        |--0--|
|--2--|     |--0--|        |--0--|
|--0--|     |--0--|        |--0--|
|--0--|     |--0--|        |--2--|
|--2--|     |--2--|        |--2--|
|--3--|     |--3--|        |--0--|

Other tabs of this song (on this site) have bad intro, But u can find there REST OF THIS SONG.
Have Fun!
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