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Blue Aeroplanes - King Of The Soapbox tab

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From: david smith 
Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes
Track: King of the Soapbox, from the album Friendloverplane

Tuning : EADGBe

Intro pattern (play fast 4 times):

  Dsus4       D

 D                A                G              D
"...As you walk along you hear somebody speak aloud..."
- same chords for rest of verse stuff

     C       Am           G              D
"...there he is, he's the king of the soapbox..."
- same chords for rest of chorus stuff


D C, D C, D

* Chords *

A  : x02220
Am : 002210
C  : 332010
D  : x00232
Dsus4: x00233
G  : 320033
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