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Blue October - You Make Me Smile tab

Band: Blue October
Song: You Make Me Smile
Album: Foiled
Tabbed By: JSFS

So ya, just a quick intro for anyone who wants to get started on this song.
Feel free to copy, just leave credit where it's due.
This is of course my interpretation of the song (rather the intro),
and is in no way to be claimed as my own self-inspired music.
[ Tab from: ] e[---------------------------------------------------------------] B[---------------------------------------------------------------] G[---------------------------------------------------------------] D[--15b16-16~-16-16~-16h17p16~-14-14-14-16-16-17-19-16-16h17p16~-] A[---------------------------------------------------------------] E[---------------------------------------------------------------] e[---------------------------------------------------------------] B[---------------------------------------------------------------] G[---------------------------------------------------------------] D[--16-16~-16-16h17p16~-14-14-14-16-16-17-19~--------------------] A[---------------------------------------------------------------] E[---------------------------------------------------------------] Have Funn!
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