Blue October - The Feel Again Stay chords

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Blue October
The Feel Again (Stay)
Any Man In America

My first tab, a simpler version of the other other one posted, I just prefer no 
bar chords. When I previewed this it had a bunch of random characters in it, but 
won't let me edit. So I hope they dont appear on the real post.

Capo 4

Am, G, Am (single strum each chord)
Am, G, Am
Am, G, C

Verse 1 (single strum each chord)

          Am     G           Am
I see the sun go down on the river...
           Am        G               Am
I feel the wind blow out of state to gray.
           Am   G                   Am
I feel the air around you its kinda closing in, 
Do you feel it fall?  
                G              C
Or do you feel at all?    I can. 

Verse 2
          Am         G           Am
I see the world keep moving as i stumble,
             Am        G           Am
They seem to move much faster than me.
            Am                   G            
And while i sit in my 4 cornered room, 
      Am G  C
Dividing hearts for a little girl
Am             G                     C
 Well i cant be anything but who i am.

Chorus 1
                     Am G C 
And i wish you would stay! 
             Am                       G
That was the beginning of the two of us, 
The start of our show.
F     G     Am 
stay, stay, stay 
               F        G   C
Oh i would never have let go.

Verse 3
          Am    G        Am      
I see the sun go up as your image, 
           Am               G             Am
And i feel the weight of your eyes as you stare...
          Am      G           Am               G         C
I feel it all when you, when you first, when you kissed my lips,
You used to make me feel at home, 
You make me feel it all,
You made me feel again.

Chorus 2                      
Ahh thats when you used to say, 
          G                C  F C
"Will you stay? And not let go." 
                Am                       G
Now its just the two of us to think about, 
The stars of our show.
              F                 G                   Am   
And you would say "I wish you'd stay" and i'd never go 
              F   G   C
Oh I will never let go!

(just drums)

So take this heart of mine, 
You've taken it a hundred thousand times. 
Yeah but this time, this time, I'm gonna take it with me...
Verse 4 (single strum)
          Am        G           Am
I see the door close down behind you,
             Am             G                Am
I watch your face turn from glow, to straight grey.          
          Am     G
I see the moon go up, 
                  Am  G      C
And it shines this glory on my face! 
          F                      G                   C
Who would've known, who would've known, who would've known?

Chorus 3
        Am                 G                C       F  C   
We would stay and we should stay and not let go      oh no! 
              Am                                 G
Now there's the three of us to to think about now,
In our show our show our show.
                     F              G                     Am
And i think we could say, if we just stayed, and then we'd know 
                    F        G  C
That we should never have let go
                     Am        G  
Oh, Oh, somethin' to think about, 
            C              F-C
Ahh, in her heart of hearts. 
Just look into those big brown eyes, 
G                 F
And you just fall apart. 
                   F                  G
Oh maybe we should stay, atleast we'd stay <--not too sure of the lyric here
Atleast she'd know!!
                    F        G  
That we should never have let go. 
C    F
   G  C     F     G     C
Let go go Ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhh

(I wish you'd stay, I wish you've stayed)
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