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Blue October - The Scar chords

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When I note Fmaj7, I'll just put F.
When I note C9, It's really Cadd9 (no5)
This is just for all the people that would look at this and say, 'thats not a c9' lol

When playing the C, you can use your pinky to hammer the third fret of the b 
string. When playing the Am pull off the b string.

If anybody has any input or comments, I'm always listening lol.
C x32010
Am x02210
C9 xx0530 (really Cadd9)
F X33210 (really Fmaj7)
Em 022000

The Scar

 C                                      Am 
I'd like to sneak around the house When everyone's asleep
C9                              F        Em
Tiptoe across the door mat that used to welcome me
C                                  Am
Then gently shut the door to see a brand-new Christmas tree
        C9                                      F                 Em, (hold)
And the silence pounds like a kettle drum and a chill runs through me

                  C                         Am
But does she ever miss me? I still hear her singing 
             C9                     F         Em
Just like an orchestra, just like a painting
            C                   Am
With velvet brushes and wooden framing
   C9                           F          Em
A familiar Monet that's worth renaming The scar

I choked up the dirt, completely hurt I ran straight through them all

Then pushed aside what's left of pride And trembled through the hall

And there stands a door you'd seen before When all you knew you was down

And your perfume breath brought peaceful death On sleepy silver gowns


Yeah, to wake is such a dreaded thing To sleep is such a hole
I eat without your company I drink till I unfold
And now hear the end of everything Just thrown onto the ground
But October fell and broke my shell And all I knew was down

Maya-ya-da Maya-ya-da May-ya-da, oo
Ya da die, may ya die May ya die, oo
Ya da da, oh-oh
Ya da da, ya da die, oh
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