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Blue Rodeo - Montreal chords

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Montreal by Blue Rodeo                                             transcribed by Mike Winterhalt

D        C         G2

Verse 1, 2      
We met in Montreal far from the crime
moving in circles, running with so little time
D                       Em
sat and we talked about rumours and lies
C                           D
stayed til the sun hit the floor

You wore the dress from the old market stall
people and places, said you were forgetting them all
D                    Em
I don't know if I believed you or not
   C                             D
as I stared at you outside your door

Those were the times that was our life
I probably wouldn't change one little thing if I tried
C                       Am                        D
Moments together mapped out like the stars in the sky
    C              D            G2
Now you're in the things that I do
C             D         G2
Still I miss talking to you

1.     C          Am        G2
       C          Am         D
       C     D    G2         
       C     D    G2

2.     D          C           G

Verse 3        
Late in your bed you said don't you be sad
think of how lucky we are for the things that we've had
D                         Em
life that's around me I'm letting it go
    C                      D
but you stay up here in my head

Intro (and style of fingerpicking for the rest of the song)

D           C           G2
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