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Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing chords

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Here is the proper chord layouts for those of you that can't quite get the sound 
right (all relative to capo):

D (Intro/Verse) - 554030
D (Chorus) - xx0232
C - 332010
C2 - 330010
G - 320001
Gsus4 - 302001
Bm - 224432
Am - 002210

Capo on 2nd fret
(All chords shown for key of G)



Verse 1:

C                  C2
Hey its me, what a big surprise,
C                     C2                   G    Gsus4 G
Calling you up from a restaurant round the bend
C                C2
Just got in from way up north
C                     C2                G      Gsus4 G
Aching and tired now, and I could use a friend
           Bm                     C               D     D2 D
Might be a fool to think that you do wanna see me again

Verse 2:

I know its been a while since I talked to you
Nothing wrong, it's just nothing ever goes as planned
Many times I thought I'd call
Didn't have your number in my hand
I know its true, you'd never do the same thing to me


D       D2                G   Gsus4 G
I never meant to make you cry
             Gsus4  G         C    C2 C
And though I know I shouldn't call
        C2         C      Am
It just reminds us of the cost
Oh, of everything we've lost
                  G    Gsus4 G
Bad timing that's all.
          Gsus4                G   Gsus4 G
And maybe soon there'll come a day
             Gsus4      C    C2 C
When no more tears will fall
        C2               Am
We each forgive a little bit,
Then we both look back on it
                          G    Gsus4 G
As just bad timing that's all.

(Instrumental verse)

Verse 3:
Used to have so many plans
Something always seemed to turn out wrong.
Never could catch up to you
Many on and doing all you've done
I don't know why, the harder I try, the harder it comes


(Outro: same as intro)
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