Blue Rodeo - Somebody Waits tab

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Somebody Waits
by Blue Rodeo
Tabbed by Bradley Bourgeois

Verse 1

G		Am	
Now,  I think i know why. 

C		D		   G	
You sounded so strange on the telephone.

G			  Am
But it's hard, when you discover.

C			D	    G
What keeps you going, keeps you all alone.

Bridge 1

Em				D		
A dream so near, I thought the smoke might never clear.

Em			D		Dsus4 D
And hide it all behind, endless cigarettes and tears.


G	Em 		C			D
Somebody waits for the time I know, it never comes.

Bm		Em	 C		D Dsus4 D
You get yourself so high,and you come down feeling blue.

G	  Em		C			D
One day you wake up and realize you've had enough.

Bm	            Em		C		D
A thousand shattered moments waiting just to happen.

C	  Bm	Am	 G
To you, to you,  to you

Solo ( Keyboard organ sound )

Em		D		Em		D	Dsus4 D


G			Am
Wait, until you're stronger.

C				D
No sense starting when you're down so long.

G				Am
Well it takes, my heart, a little longer.

C				D	
See the point of  finally letting go.


Em					D
You lose you're touch, out there standing in the rain.

Em				  D Dsus4 D
When it's all too much, you feel like slippin' down again.

Chorus X2


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