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Blue Sky - The Story Of Jack The Knife chords

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words and music by Michael Seibt

        Am             E7           Am         Am
He was leaning at the corner of the main street
Am           E7          Am        Am
Wearing his finest silky suit
    Dm                  Am       G           Am       Am 
His ice-cold eyes were glancing all over the crowd
    Am                  H7       E7     Am        Am
And what he thought, my god, was not allowed.

Later he walked cockly on the pavement
In the trouser pockets – very cool – his hands
He gave five pounds to the gambler, made fifty in a crack
Didn’t see the sticky-finger in his back

     C                   Dm                   F               C
The called him Jack the Knife and he was the toughest guy in town
    C                Dm           F                     E7 (break)
And if they saw him coming, they wished they were not around

On his beat Jacky visits the next bar-room
The waiter paid, his eyes were full of gloom
Out of the bar Jack recounts his first easy prey
And looked forward to another perfect day


It was nearly one hour after midnight
When he met some sailors spoiling for a fight
They made waves in his district and made Jack see red
But no-one heard the final words he said


Next morning they found him in the park
His ice-cold eyes were broken in the dark
His silky suit had got manky, his knife stuck in his chest –
Oh, Jack the Knife went to his final rest.


Ending: Am  H7-E7  Am
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