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Blue Sky - When Will I Find My Way Home chords

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     C                 C
The road is long, the way is tough
 G                G
And the wind is blowing rough
    C              C
My backpack causes so much pain 
 G                            G7
When Im walking through the pouring rain
 Dm                 Dm
Each night I search for a place
      F             F
Where I can lay my weary head
 G7             G7                C    C
Hoping, that a fire will keep my warm
     C         G7           C   C
And holding a bottle in my arm

 C        C/G         Am
Tell me, where do I belong?
 C        C/G         Am
Tell me, whats going on?
          C       C/G        Am             Am
Tell me, how many water will flow down the river
   C           C/G         C
Before I will find my way home?

A lot of girls along my way
Some of them make me stay
They lay their hearts into my hands
But I do not understand
And even, if they give their best
Im always waiting for the rest
And before they can put my hands in chains
Its time for me to catch the next train


So Ive been on my way
All these years by night and day
Take, what I need, make evry job
Try to keep my head right up
I must have been everywhere
Dont know, what Ill have to dare
And where my fate will lead me next
An uncertain future in my chest


C/G   x 2 0 0 0 3
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