Blue Sky - Blue Sky Hotel chords

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words and music by Michael Seibt

   F            Am        E7      Am
A last glas of wine, roll-up cigarettes
 F        Am        E7           Am
Thinking about the good days, we had
     Dm        Am        C         G
Somewhere in a tavern a guitar is playing
  Dm          C             G        Am           G         Am
A sad silent tune is making me wanna stay, making me wanna stay


 C           C7+         G
This is the place, where I wanna be
Bb               A        A7
On an island in middle of sea
 C           C7+   G
This is the place, I love so well
Bb                A         A7
It is called the Blue Sky Hotel

The golden sun is falling down in the bay
My ship will cast off with the first sunray
The tide´s rolling on, the crew is waiting for me
It is time for a last kiss for me, a last kiss for me


Out there at sea I will think of you
When me and the skippers will get the blues
Days full of hard work and dirty jokes
But me dreams won´t end in smoke, no, they won´t end in smoke


A last glas of wine, one more cigarette
The captain is calling, he shows no respect
But I know, he and the crew
Will bring me back, my darling, back to you, back to you,
back to you back to you, back to you (fading out)

E7      0 2 1 0 0 0
C7+     x 3 3 0 1 0
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