Bluejay - Boogeyman chords

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Standard Tuning

I'm trying to find a chord-finder online to input all the weirder chords that are 
I know the fingering but not the (augmented or dimished or 9th, for example) chord names. If 
know of a program or website, please e-mail me at .

Jack-o-lanterns all glowing
party after the show
Halloween and the masks and the swigs of Jack
confuse who I know

G                  D
Donít get lost with some boy
G                  D
in that delicious devil outfit

Native rollercoaster,
my eyes go for you,
but we didnít show up here
not to show some skin too

G                  D
Itís the night of the year
G                  D
we could be anonymously lucky

Just donít let some Michael come and get you (this is my last warning to you)
I know you like the strong silent type
heíll chase you up the stairs and when heís done with you
heíll walk away slowly

I just feel theyíre all looking
They donít have masquerade eyes
Weíll stay for some lipstick drama
some bloodlust disguised

G               D
Itís just one of those nights I guess I
G               D
Woulda rather stayed home

Just donít let some Goblin come and get you (this is my last warning to you)
in the kitchen by the keg
Heíll lick, youíll wink, and sneak his number
in your pocket slowly

Donít let some Freddy come and get you (this is my last warning to you)
I know heís the man of your dreams
One roofie and youíll slip from couch
to boiler room slowly
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