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Blur - Far Out tab

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From: (John Howell)

Far Out by Blur, from their triff album "Parklife"

This is a (rough) transcription of the cool synth part, not
the guitar part of this song, that has more than a passing
resemblance to Syd Barrett's style. The main melody is done
on the synth, so if you're playing solo this sounds a lot
better than the guitar part. Also you need loads of really
silly effects to do it well - or better still a guitar synth;
sadly I have neither. This transcription was considerably
aided by the sleeve insert on the album, which not only gives
the lyrics but the chords as well. Nice one.
I haven't done the guitar part at the start either; trying to
simulate a bongo roll a la Mission Impossible is a bit tricky
on one guitar.

Anyway, the song's mainly based around a C Eb progression.
The chorus is made up of 2 bars, an Ab Bb prog and an F prog
(see the lyric section for the order they come in), and
there's a little bridge part of Eb D after the first chorus.

                /---\ /---\ /---\ <--triplet rhythm
    C           Eb

                    /---\ /---\ /---\ <--triplet rhythm
    F               Ab              Bb

    Eb    D

Here we go:

2 * (Verse) as intro

C            Eb                   (Verse)
I spy in the night sky don't I
Phoepe Io    Elara
Leda Callisto  Sinope
Janus Dione  Portia so many

F                                 (1st bar of chorus)

Ab           Bb     F             (Chorus)
Quiet in the sky at night
Hot in the   Milky  Way

Eb      D                         (Bridge)
Outside in

1 * (Verse)

C            Eb                   (Verse)
Vega         Capella Ha-
gar Rigel    Barnard's star
Antares Alde-baran Altair
Wolf 3 5 9   Betelgeuse

F                                 (1st bar of chorus)
Sun sun sun sun

Ab  Bb  F                         (Chorus - fade out)
Sun sun sun sun
Sun sun sun sun

That's your lot for now.
Oh - any corrections, improvements etc gratefully received.
John Howell,

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