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Blur - It Could Be You tab

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        C          Bbsus4    A     G
   e---------------------------5---3-3-3--- X4

        G           C           Bbsus4   A
     1. Ch, Ch, Ch, Churchill
        G             D        E7
        Got his lucky number
                           Am      Am/G   D
        Tomorrow there's another
                 G            G aug
        Could be me, could be you
           C              Bbsus4   A
        No silver spoon
        G                 D              E7
        Sticky teeth they rot too soon
                               Am           Am/G   D
        You've got to have the best tunes
                  G                G aug
        Or that's it, you've blown it
        F   E  A             D
Chorus: All we want is to be happy
        F  E   A                D
        In our homes like happy families
        F  E   C          Bb
        Be the man on the beach
                 Am           G
        With the world at his feet
               D         E7
        Yes, it could be you

     2. The likely lads
        Are picking up the uglies
        Yesterday they were just puppies
        Beery slurs, now life's a blur
        Telly addicts
        You should see them at it
        Getting in a panic
        Will we be there
        Trafalgar Square?


     3. So don't worry
        If it's not your lucky number
        'Cause tomorrow there's another
        Could be you, could be me

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