Bo Diddley - Pretty Thing tab

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Pretty Thing  Bo Diddley

This is so easy to play but you must get that Bo Diddley Jungle beat driving - its all 
the feeling - have fun

E B  E  B
Verse 1
You Pretty Thing   -   Let me buy you wedding ring

Let me hear the choir sing  -   Oh you pretty thing

Verse 2
You Pretty Thing   -   Let me walk you down the aisle

We can swear our love is sound  -   Oh you pretty thing

Solo  Just keep that Bo Diddley beat going
E B  E  B  etc etc

Verse 3
Let me kiss you Gem   -   Let me squeeze and hold you tight

Let me give you all my love  -   The rest of my life

Verse 4
You Pretty Thing   -   Let me hold you by my side

And become my blushing bride  -   You pretty thing

Verse 5
You Pretty Thing   -   Let me dedicate my life

You will always be my wife  -   Oh you pretty thing

E B  E  B
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